Including Meetings & Events in a travel management program can save a corporation almost 20 Percent, while enabling it to extend the program's services to the M&E. Jetways Travels works with the industry's best to create the perfect meeting/event while extending its destination intelligence, traveller tracking, air, ground & hotel expense management and other services.

Strategic Meetings Management

Jetways Travels takes the same approach to Meetings & Event Management as it takes to Travel Management, albeit with a whole lot more of creativity as befits the event. We understand while travel management is a lot more about logistics and innovative methods of savings, meetings and event management is a combination of logistics, savings and creativity and for it to be a success, a delicate balance between all three has to be maintained.

Jetways Travels sees meetings as a beginning - a beginning to a new strategic alliance, a profitable partnership, new sponsors or an equally or more important alliance, and as befits the situation, it should have a setting that simulates the senses for the best possible outcome.

At the same time, we also realize the importance of keeping a reign on the expenditure incurred in organizing meetings and events, without losing out on user experience or compromising on travellers' safety and security - the precise reason we recommend the inclusion of meetings and events in our travel management programs.

With Jetways Travels as a Strategic Meetings Planner and Service Provider, corporations can be assured about achieving that perfect balanced setting for meetings and events, and concentrate wholly on the business in hand. Everything - right from the planning stage to arrangement of travel and accommodations for the attendees to ensuring the flawless execution of the meeting - has Jetways Travels mark of excellence on it.

In addition to special contracts with venue owners/managers and suppliers for the best rates and services, our Meeting Services clients benefit from some of the most innovative and creative MICE professionals and the professional expertise of Jetways Travels Strategic Business Unit - SPICE Creations, one of the leading event management organizations in India.

Furthermore, corporations can avail an entire suite of special services and resources such as Jetways Travels Traveller Services, Destination Intelligence, Traveller Tracking, Program Assessment and Management and Program Optimization from our Trademark HTIM Solutions to optimize your overall experience and travel expenditure for the best results.

Jetways Travels assists corporations by integrating meetings and events in the travel program itself and:

Meetings Strategy Implementation :

  • Analyzing and understanding MICE spend in your organization
  • Designing MICE strategy and policy, implementing the program and managing the change
  • Implementing supplier strategies and negotiations
  • Optimizing processes and technology
  • Measuring performance and compliance

Access to Competitive pricing :
  • Offering easy access to negotiated airline fares
  • Ability to easily manage as well as economize rates and fares
  • Setting dedicated fares and rates to specific markets, city pairs or other variables
  • Customizing pricing for special occasions

Customer Service :

  • 24/7 customer support, customized to specific and geographic need according to your company policy and expectations
  • Encouraging compliance with set corporate travel policies
  • Offering access to its very own Event Management Company, which allows you to enjoy the services of some of the top minds of the Event Management industry
  • Utilizing one of the most inspiring technology-based reservation systems in the world
  • Access to one of the largest inventory of suppliers in the industry
  • Streamlined Payment Policy
  • Consolidation of Travel Data for post-event evaluation and optimization of Travel program