Travel as an industry is constantly evolving to offer better services. Constant changing, however, brings its own challenges.Jetways Travels focuses its efforts on
guiding corporations through this potential landmine to manage their travel programs safely, minimize travel spend & travel risks, and enhance travel experience.


An ideal travel program needs to consolidate all major parameters of its travel program especially the aforementioned Hotel Expense Management, Air and Ground Transport Management and Compliance and Demand Management to achieve the heights of success.

In today's age of globalizations, corporations are increasingly seeing the benefits of consolidation of these parameters (savings close to 20 percent of the travel spend) on global, regional as well as local levels. Furthermore, as consolidation is a continual process, the benefits are on long-term basis.

Jetways Travels with its largest travel management network in the world, local presence across 80 countries, and highly innovative technological expertise is expertly placed to assist you in managing your travel programs and consolidating it across all levels for the maximum advantage.

Easy-to-read-reports on global, regional and local levels from our complete suite of traveller solutions allow corporations to stay on top of our workings and enjoy the travel savings derived therewith.