A strategic business unit of Dabur Group of Companies, Jetways Travels Pvt. Ltd. began its journey in 1990 as an Airline Ticketing Agency. Over the years, it has established itself as a leading Full-service Travel Management Companies in India. Throughout its journey, it has maintained its record for excellent services and its commitment to save corporations millions of rupees.

Jetways Travels Sample Case Studies

Case Study - 1

A client called up our Travel Desk personnel at 1:15 AM in the morning. There was an emergency in Dallas, USA and the client had to change his travel plans immediately. Not only was his phone call attended to, but a new ticket for the earliest travel date available was reissued within the next 30 minutes after due consultation with the client.

Case Study - 2

One of our clients was awaiting an important visa for quite some time. Our Visa Department personnel took the issue up and got in on the job first thing in the morning. Their early arrival at the office and close and vigorous follow-up helped expedite the process. The client got the visa in time and was able to get to his destination as scheduled.

Case Study - 3

An executive with an important corporation was scheduled to fly to New Zealand to attend an urgent business meeting. His Visa application was under process. Due to his urgent requirement, the Jetways Visa team coordinated and followed up with the local New Zealand Immigration office branch and requested speedy expedition of the process. The visa was processed and sent along with the client's passport. With the travel day just a day away and the courier office closed for half-a-day, the Jetways Travels team and the Immigration office worked together for personal collection of the passport and visa, thereby enabling the executive to fly as scheduled for his meeting.