Travel as an industry is constantly evolving to offer better services. Constant changing, however, brings its own challenges.Jetways Travels focuses its efforts on
guiding corporations through this potential landmine to manage their travel programs safely, minimize travel spend & travel risks, and enhance travel experience.

Air and Ground Transport

For most corporations, Air Travel forms the bulk of travel expenditure and if managed well, it can be a source of major savings. With the industry becoming increasingly volatile and changing with mergers and acquisitions, new routes and new rules, new pricing structures and taxes, more opportunities for savings arise.

At the same time, not all Air Travel Optimization Programs continue to post good yield, necessitating regular assessment and tweaking of existing programs for profitability. However, few corporations have the time or the work force to assess their travel programs regularly in accordance with the changing opportunities.

This is where Jetways Travels steps in with its services. Depending upon your requirement and volume of bookings, Jetways Travels expert travel managers strategize the most profitable program for your bottom-line with:

Volume-based discounts: As discounts at airlines are directly proportionate to volume of travel, Jetways Travels flouts its buying power and repute to negotiate the best rates in the industry for all its clients collectively.

Lowest Fare Alerts: In addition, our expert Airfare Analysts keep a lookout for restricted fares that are lower than negotiated fares as well as airfare discounts, sales and advance purchase rates outside of the preferred channels and guide you on maintaining the right balance between all these for maximum savings.

Ground Transport Management: Similarly, ground transport, which constitutes anywhere between 5 to 20 Percent of a corporation's overall travel expenditure should ideally be incorporated into a corporation's travel program, especially since in areas with high-speed rail travel as well as in cities lacking good air connectivity, it can actually contribute to lowering air travel costs.

Car rentals for airport/railway transfers and other routes/services also benefit corporations more when aligned with particular suppliers at negotiated rates.

Jetways Travels Air & Ground Transport Expense Management Solutions Include

Collection of spend data and examination of contracts, cross-relation and derivation of conclusions with effect to new contracts
Identification of sourcing and traveller-behaviour saving opportunities


Adjustment of travel policy and building of effective sourcing programs


Finding the right balance between negotiated fares and available options
Support and promotion of policy compliance
Regular evaluation of strategy and goals

Jetways Travels Air & Ground Transport Expense Management Benefits

New savings with new airlines, agreements and policy parameters


Improved traveller security with increased compliance and client rotation management
Supported sustainability efforts through various vertically driven programs