Including Meetings & Events in a travel management program can save a corporation almost 20 percent, while enabling it to extend the program's services to the M&E. Jetways Travels works with the industry's best to create the perfect meeting/event while extending its destination intelligence, traveller tracking, air, ground & hotel expense management and other services.

Meetings & Events

Meetings & Events, while integral to a corporation's work culture, are often sidelined when a travel management program is developed. This is despite the fact that its inclusion can garner up savings of as much as 20 percent for a corporation, ensure safety of delegates and limit liability for the senior management in case of untoward events.

Any meeting or event with delegations travelling from afar, even if it is just another state or region, needs air travel, ground transport and accommodations as basic requirements. You also need a venue for the meeting/event, technological equipment to conduct the event and refreshments.

When these are booked outside of preferred booking channels or as stand-alone bookings outside of contracts with preferred suppliers, the costs can quickly add up. Furthermore, with the responsibilities of arrangement lying with different departments, procurement is fractioned and travel-spend decentralized, and leads to lack of travel data and difficulty in tracking of expenses and travellers.

At the same time, negotiating a travel management contract with meetings and events included can give you access to all these at the negotiated rate, often a fraction of the original cost. Further, it can add volume to your bookings, which in turn can qualify you for a higher discount on all products and services at the next contract renewal. The management can further ensure expense tracking with single point billing and the safety and security of employee travellers and guests with traveller tracking services.

At Jetways Travels, Meeting &Events programs are conceptualized with focus on the following points:

Discovery of Client Requirements: At Jetways Travels, the first step towards Meeting & Event planning is the Discovery of Client Requirements, wherein we prepare a brief, listing:

  • The purpose behind the event
  • The client's vision for the event
  • The client's requirements for the event
  • A short introduction to the client's corporate culture in order to conceptualize the ideal event
  • Client's budget

Deliverance of Services with Exceeds Expectations: Once the brief is ready and approved by the client, Jetways Travels moves forward in making all necessary arrangements: contacting the required suppliers, service providers and venue owners; making air, ground, sea arrangements as required; and negotiating with all concerned for the best deals. All this is done with respect to the brief prepared in the first stage. Where compliance is not feasible, we contact the client with alternatives.

At Jetways Travels, we plan each event based on the client's requirements and our own long and diversified experience while utilizing our unique ideas and special settings and venues, thereby increasing the memory value of the event multiple times. At the end of this stage, the event is organized with no hitch.

Detailing and Data Analysis: This stage is the post-event stage and involves a report of the event requirements, expenses and savings, and a detailed analysis of the event's success.