Destination Intelligence

Destination Intelligence services, one of the most popular pre-emptive measures in ensuring Safety and security of the travellers, updates each traveller on his/her destination even before they undertake the trip. It is very essential for travellers to be updated on their destination prior to their travel, as untrained and ignorant travellers can end up taking unnecessary chances and putting their own life, the lives of their co-workers and the organization's reputation in danger.

With the Destination Intelligence service at Jetways Travels, each traveller receives a detailed pre-trip destination information kit with the latest news, travel advisories, health updates, vaccination requirements, warnings of recent outbreaks if any, strikes and any information that can even remotely affect the traveller. In addition, any sudden development across the world that can have an impact on corporate travel or traveller is conveyed to travellers without any further delay through JetAlerts.

When a risk is established after a journey has begun, Jetways Travels activates its emergency services instantly, contacts the employee undertaking the trip, alerts them to the risk and advises them on the best steps for avoiding the conflicts and disruptions and taking steps to minimize their impact on their safety. Arrangements for travel and evacuations, where necessary, are made instantly and a local point of contact re-established.