Crisis Communications

Corporate Clients at Jetways Travels benefit from a dedicated Crisis Communication Centre, which quickly and efficiently contacts all travellers affected in a crisis. Powered by dedicated Travel Risk Management personnel, this centre alerts travellers and the corporations employing them to potential travel risks and disruptions immediately and advises on how best to avoid the risks, and when unavoidable, on how best to protect themselves from its effects.

The Crisis Management Centre includes modules, which enable dedicated Corporate Travel Managers to contact and convey organization-specific instructions instantly. Communication is multi-mode and inclusive of text messages, e-mail, direct phone contact and voicemail.

Furthermore, designated Travel Risk Management Personnel continue to keep an outlook on the events and update affected travellers and their employing corporations on further developments and assist them in the best possible manner.

The entire process is documented on paper for use as proof that the employing corporation did the very best to safeguard its employees in case of liabilities.