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Airport Security

Click here for tips from the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security on how to get through security without any hassles at the airports of India.

For passengers travelling abroad, the airport security regulations of the country they are visiting might vary. Furthermore, there may be variations in the security regulations of different airports as well.

According to the latest updates, passengers travelling to/from USA and/or UK are required to keep all electronic items in cabin luggage. Passengers might be required to switch on each battery-operated electronic item including laptops, tablets and cell phones as part of the security check. Items that do not operate or have missing batteries might be confiscated and not allowed onboard.

The traveller may also undergo additional screening.

For flights to/from USA Airports, click here for an overview of the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) Airport Security Guide.

For flights to/from UK Airports, click here for an overview of the UK Government Airport Security Guide.