Traveller Tracking

Traveller Tracking, the second service in the Jetways Travels Basic Suite of Safety and Security Services, ensures the traceability of each and every traveller who has booked through pre-identified preferred booking channels. This is true for all bookings across accommodation, flights, ground transportation, and Meetings and Events.

All travellers booked through Jetways Travels booking channels can be instantaneously tracked to the most-minute details of location and contacted through an interactive graphical map in the innovative traveller tracking system. Traveller information, updated to the last hour, ensures ease of identification of travellers currently travelling to/ in the affected area.

The tracking system is available with a partnership through a third-party travel security firm that regularly updates its systems to keep up with the best of advanced security technologies. Its ability to integrate travel data from multiple databases including the Jetways Travels global data warehouse empowers it to track all travellers instantly even when a consolidated travel program is not in place.