Advanced Travel Risk Management

Jetways Travels innovative Advanced Travel Risk Management services enable you to emerge in full control of events to the extent practically possible in event of calamities and travel crises. Developed in co-ordination with the leading players of third-party enterprise-risk-management and healthcare industries, these services include enhanced Safety & Security features to protect company assets - employees, corporation reputation, sensitive data and physical assets.

Corporations opting for this service benefit from special access to the services of a dedicated state-of-the-art crisis communications centre with specially designed tools to monitor risk, alert corporate travellers and respond to life-threatening incidents instantly.

Services include:

  • Emergency Evacuations for
    • Security
    • Health
  • Expatriate Services
  • Emergency 24/7 Travel services
  • Key Facility Monitoring
  • Monitoring of key supplier locations
  • Dedicated Traveller Monitoring

These services are ideal for corporations with very high travel volumes to international destinations and are part of the Complete Suite of Safety & Security Services at Jetways Travels.