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Safety & Security: Duty of Care

Globalization, expansions, mergers and acquisitions, and outsourcing have all resulted in a significant increase in business travel. While this might not be a cause for worry, the increasing incidents of mishaps and calamities such as terrorism, health hazards, civil unrest and bio-hazards targeted at busy Central Business Districts (CBDs) and places of commercial operations in addition to natural disasters, is definitely so.

With citizens of almost every other country crisscrossing the globe for work, several nations have come up with mandates and laws to secure the safety of the international workforce in their respective nations. In some countries, if an employee comes under harm due to any mishap, his/her employing corporation and the senior management responsible for sending the employee to the nation and/or ordering the activity in which he/she was injured are held legally accountable and punishable.

This has magnified the implications of business travel risks multi-fold for all corporations concerned and has made the inclusion of travel risk management in their respective travel management programs a matter of grave concern and one requiring immediate action.

At Jetways Travels, Travel Risk Management begins at the pre-emptive stage and includes a basic suite of services provided by default to all corporate clients as well as a complete suite for corporations with advanced security needs.

The Basic Safety & Security Suite comprises services broadly grouped under the following headings:

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Destination Intelligence

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Traveller Tracking

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Crisis Communications

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Advanced Travel Risk Management