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Planning for travel whether it be a business trip or a dream vacation can require planning and research. Use these handy travel resources to ensure you are fully prepared for your next great adventure!

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Performance Measures

In any successful business, it is imperative to study existing strategies at regular intervals to measure their effectiveness and optimize them further or re-strategize altogether. This goes for travel management policies and strategies as well.

However, in travel management, capturing travel data from myriad sources and consolidating them in a single format that is easy to read and analyze is easier said than done. The overall process is further complicated by:

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A lack of industry standards in travel data reporting on the supplier-level, which means that consolidating the travel data from multiple suppliers across the world requires extraction of data from each source, examining it and compiling them into a new standardized report

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Non-compliant travellers who book outside of preferred travel channels leading to lack of recorded travel data and

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The requirement to present customized, easy-to-read reports that reflect the concerns of individual department heads in order to effectively engage them in the travel optimization process

To monitor and drive progress successfully in travel management, corporate
travel managers require timely, accurate reporting with:

Well-defined, measurable performance indicators that enable travel managers to measure the results of their ongoing strategy implementations against previous reports, industry standards and competitors' benchmarks.

At Jetways Travels, the performance of the travel program is measured for Air & Ground Transport Management, Hotel Expense Management, Compliance and Demand Management, Service Levels, Security & Corporate Social Responsibility. In addition to these, strategic, tactical and operational measures are developed in co-ordination with key decision-makers of the corporation and suppliers.

Consolidated and Integrated Data Reporting that draws travel data from all suppliers and integrates them into one single format before consolidating them by region, type of expenditure etc for easy-to-read, actionable reports

Jetways Travels consolidates data in a central, global data warehouse from a variety of sources and presents corporations with consolidated and integrated easy-to-read reports drawn with the aid of innovative technological tools and expert analysts.

Easy-to-read reports and Easy-to-use Dashboards with graphs, pie charts and other visuals with which travel managers and department heads can identify key trends and successful policies quickly and easily.

All reports at Jetways Travels are presented in a visual, factual and synthesized manner and can be instantly customized at the click of a mouse according to different user preferences for key decision makers.

With its professionally driven performance measurement features, Jetways Travels offers its clients the right tools to measure the performance of the travel management program devised for their organization. Regular study and analysis of the strategies for effectiveness assists you to work in co-ordination with the best professionals in the travel management industry for creating, tweaking and if necessary re-strategizing the travel program for maximum savings, travel policy compliance and traveller satisfaction levels.