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USA lifts Laptop ban for Etihad, Emirates and Turkish Airlines Flights

The United States of America has lifted the ban on carriage of laptops in cabin for flights operated by Etihad Airlines, Emirates and Turkish Airlines. The ban was lifted after the hub airports of these airlines, namely, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Istanbul upgraded its security facilities to meet the new security requirements imposed by the Department of Homeland Security, USA.

The DSA had, earlier this year, banned the carriage of laptops and any electronics larger than a smart phone in the cabin of flights originating from 11 countries. The ban affected flights operated by Emirates, Etihad, Qatar and Turkish airlines.

Following up on the ban, the DSA updated its list of security requirements that airlines flying to USA need to comply. The latest guidelines required enhanced screening, wider use of bomb-sniffer dogs and more thorough vetting of passengers. Any airline failing to comply will not be allowed to fly to the nation.

Etihad Airways and its hub - Abu Dhabi Airport became the first airline and airport to upgrade their facilities and be freed from the electronics ban. Abu Dhabi is also the only airport in the Middle East to have a USA Pre-Clearance Border point, where passengers undergo screening before boarding their flights to USA.

The security facilities at Dubai and Istanbul airports too have been upgraded and their ban lifted.

With the lifting of the ban, guests flying to USA from Abu Dhabi, Dubai or Istanbul no longer need to check in their electronics, especially laptops before boarding their flights.

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