Travel Resources

Planning for travel whether it be a business trip or a dream vacation can require planning and research. Use these handy travel resources to ensure you are fully prepared for your next great adventure!

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Service Requirements & Configuration

The smallest of corporations and the biggest of multinationals can find the perfect solution to their Travel Management requirements with our four basic service configurations, which can be customized further with respect to the requirement, travel frequency, travel volume and preferred mode of travel.

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JTPL Implants

JTPL Implants are the most basic of Jetways Travels Onsite Service Configurations. In this configuration, Jetways Travels places one or a dedicated team of fully trained professional travel counsellors at the corporation's office premises.
This configuration is convenient and highly desirable, especially when the travel volume is very high, required for high-level officers, VIPs and frequent travellers with complex travel requirements and/or the management desires to control travel policies, procedures and technologies.
Having a travel counsellor working alongside within the premises also gives employees the freedom to discuss travel plans face-to-face for the best solutions, thereby increasing travel policy compliances.

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JTPL Full Service Centre

In this configuration, Jetways Travels services the travel requirements of your corporation with a dedicated team of travel counsellors trained to meet your specific requirements. The team is placed in our offices itself, thereby freeing you of the requirement to allocate office resources to Implants.
Corporations have a choice of requesting a dedicated team for themselves or drawing from a shared pool, in which the team handles the requests of multiple organizations at a time (though never more than 3). Dedicated teams are recommended for corporations with requirements for high volume travel, VIPs travel and complex travel requirements.
JTPL Full Service Centres offer dedicated 24x7 services.

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JTPL Standardized Service Centre

Jetways Travels Travel Management, at the least possible price, comes your way within the ambit of the JTPL Standardized Service Centre. In this configuration, a high level of standardization is implemented across all services, online booking promoted and simple transactions followed. Travel counsellors, where essential, assist with most economical processes.
Services for specific traveller groups such as C-level executives and VIPs can be availed as add-on services. This service configuration level is especially beneficial to corporations with the ability to implement standardized travel policies across its organization.

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JTPL Multinational Service Centre

The JTPL Multinational Service Centre, as its name suggests, offers corporations the flexibility of booking through service centres across different countries in service centres nearest to their place of work. This service configuration is proposed for large multinational corporations with a presence in multiple countries, requiring large-scale travel arrangements across different geographical locations, and with the financial ability to implement a single travel policy across these locations.